Zach wasn't sure he needed to leave the house.

Gideon would prefer to be left alone.

David and Zach.

Jhym reacts to Gideon opening Jacki's birthday presents.

Baxter needed his sunglasses.

The day we brought Murphy home-before his bath and cut.

October, 2005. Murphy was brand new to us and wanted to fit in, by sleeping on Baxter's feet.

Baxter and Zachary at my parents' cabin, Christmas, 2005.

Zachary and Murphy were very good friends.

Murphy was worried that the reindeer was sad.

Baxter, Murphy and a player to be named later!

June, 2007, we adopted Bailey at about 8 weeks old.

August, 2007, Bailey tries to play with Murphy constantly.

Poor Murphy doesn't know how to get her to stop!

Baxter at our condo in the desert.

Baxter in the desert.

Baxter in our back yard.

Waiting for Santa.

Murphy and Baxter under the Christmas tree.

Bailey learned how to high five right away.

Murphy at our friends' cabin.

Murphy lounging on David lounging on his friend Nancy in Palm Springs.